Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My RV Kitchen

The kitchen was always the heart of my home.  It was where I spent most of time, cooking, baking, cleaning, doing crafts, hosting friends, having tea parties with the kids, and studying spelling words!
Then we moved into the RV... I still wanted to love my kitchen! It is, afterall in the very center of our RV, and the first thing you see when you come through the door.  Adjusting to an RV kitchen was difficult at first.  I did learn the hard way, that I can't make elaborate meals.  I also learned that the refrigerator latches shut for a reason, and to be VERY careful opening cabinets after/during driving. 
Over the last year, I've made some adjustments to our kitchen that has made life go a little smoother for us, hope you find some of these things helpful! Not all of these are orignal to me, Pintrest proved very helpful!

                                                                                                                                                                                             In an RV, cabinet and drawer space are VERY limited.  This utensil holder is perfect.  I made a small hole in the bottom, and put a screw in the countertop.  The Screw holds it in place, and I can quickly move it if I need to.  Nothing to put away for driving!

We did the same thing with our fruit basket, nothing to move when we drive.  Everything stays put.
Small mug hooks keep these measuring cups always at hand, no digging through the drawer!

An antique metal tray from the thrift store and  Bed, Bath & Beyond's magnetic tins and Voila - Super cute spice rack!!

Large mug hooks for our coffee mugs.  6 inches int between hooks will keep them from clanging together when driving.  They have never fallen - even when we (accidently) jumped a curb!

So in a place where wall space is virtually non-existent, who wants an ugly old calendar taking up precious space???  So I hung it inside our cabinet door.  Always at hand when I need it, but out of sight when I don't  :-)

I love a window in the kitchen, but for some reason people see nothing worng with looking in your RV windows!!!  Yet I hate to sacrifice light for privacy.  This is the perfect fix.  I cut frosted contact paper into this awesome shape, and WOW - PRIVACY and LIGHT! Stencil:


  1. This is a very nifty way to improvise on limited space and make adjustments because of the mobility restrictions of living on an RV. Everything is in harmony with each other, and the way you used those mug holders is ingenious as it keeps them from breaking and it consumes less space. However, I would suggest having a cover for the utensil holders to add safety against bumps on the road.

    Liza Pilon

    1. Thank you very much. We have since screwed mason jars (by the lid) behind the mugs, and we use those as glasses! It works marvelously, they are out of the way, and the kids can easily get them when they need them!

  2. Wow, that’d be an incredible experience to be able to eat and dine alongside a very incredible kitchen. I can imagine myself in an amazing adventure with my RV and just enjoy myself with foods. :)

    - Mid-State RV Center

    1. Our kitchen has been a great blessing to us as we travel! These few changes have things easier and more comfortable on the road. It also makes our RV warmer and more like a home! We do a lot of cooking and baking in the kitchen :-)

  3. Great ideas! I love how you used a screw to hold the storage baskets in place. Pinned your page to my Camper Organization board over on Pinterest!

  4. Seriously. Most RV;s have tinted windows which prevents people from seeing into your RV. Except of course at night if you have interior lights on.. but that is why we have day night shades on our RV. Also I do not carry more than 2 coffee mugs. Seems like a big waste of space to carry more when they cam be easily rinsed and put away after each use.

  5. Great ideas..although we only camp weekends and occas., still need tips for an incredibly small rv(12' to hitch). will use several of these ideas..thanks for sharing:)