Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Maine Adventure

Thus far, I have to say that Maine is absolutly my FAVORITE state!  Why?  Because I love lighthouses, and the Maine coast not only is full of lighthouses, but has a spectacular coast. 


This is the famous Pemaquid Lighthouse, its the lighthouse that is printed on the back of Maines' quarter.  Wonderful spot for a picnic lunch on the rocks.  It is a beautiful sight.  We were able to tour the inside of the Lighthouse, and visit a small museum that gives the history of the lighthouse.
It was too cold to dip our feet, but climbing the rocks and feeding the seagulls made for a memorable aternoon!

Portland Beach Lighthouse
This has to be my favorite lighthouse.  It's just beautiful. The kids didn't like this one as much because they couldn't walk down to the water or climb on the rocks.  This was definitely a "Mommy photographic field trip"!

Lots to do in Maine's wide open spaces!
We looked and looked for Moose, but to no avail.  Nonetheless, we enjoyed the woods!!

Maine has the most amazing rivers and lakes, and the sunsets were just breath-taking.  It's hard not to fall in love with the beauty of nature all around you in Maine!  There's alot to love!

My husband sampled the Maine-Lobsta'
He was NOT impressed, said it doesn't even compare to
Maryland Blue Crabs

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