Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bedroom Makeover

Unfortunately this is the only picture that I have of what our bedroom used to look like.  I hated it so much that I never took pictures of it  LOL.  But hopefully through this picture you can see how gloomy and dark it was; from the dingy  cream and brown wallpaper to the dark wood cabinets. 

As you can see, the headboard was a window box.  Very flattering!

Here is the (almost) fnished product!  I took out all the window boxes and put in light, airy curtains. I painted all the cabinets and over the wallpaper.
 I also made my own headboard.  I stapled padding to a piece of plywood cut to size.  Then my fabulous friend gave me this beautuful damask fabric, which I then wrapped around the padding and stapled in the back.  We used brackets to secure the head board underneath the cabinets. 

We found sconces on sale at Lowe's. My husband bought 12V bulbs and installed the fixture.

The pillows we made ourselves.  I have this brilliant friend, Melissa who can sew anything! i gave her my quarky ideas - and we whipped these up in an afternnon! 

For extra privacy we cut clear contact paper into shapes and put them on the window.  They let in all the light, and keep folks from looking into our bedroom.


  1. Looks so inviting! I love it!


  2. awesome, awesome, awesome! LOVE the pillows, you know I taught her everything she knows! Color scheme is so pretty and the contact paper is genius! Beautiful transformation!!