Saturday, September 22, 2012

Adventures of RV-Living

We are a family of six, and have been full-RVers for the last year and half!  What a crazy-fun ride it has been!  What an adjustment to move from a 7-bedroom house to a 32ft RV, but our adventures hold more memories than our "stuff" ever did!

For my first blog, I'd like to share some things that we've learned about living in a "driving-house":

1.  Duck for cover when opening anything!
        Everythings shifts and moves during driving, though it was organized when you left, those cans will give you a concussion when you get to your destination.

2.  The refrigerator latches shut for a reason!
       Though the refridgerator "seems" shut, the real test comes when you go around that first turn.  You'll be hard pressed to find something more dramatic than milk and all your groceries flying out of the fridge and exploding on the floor....

3.  Long, Hot Showers are a thing of the past.
       You'll burn or freeze, the happy-medium is hard to find, and only last for 5 min.  

4. The sink in the bathroom is for decorative purposes ONLY!!!
      The bathroom sink goes directly to the sewer tank - let 6 people brush their teeth and wash their hands and you've got a serious problem.    

5.  Although you see your RV as your HOME, others see it as your CAR and therefore see no problem with looking in your windows or cutting you off.

6.  Waterproof does not really mean WATER-PROOF. 
       It means you will have proof of where the water came in

7.  You will constantly be asked, "How can you live in there?"

8.    Don't Shop at RV stores!
        Regardless of what they say, you can usually find it at Wal-mart for half the price    

9.  Save your quarters
        For laundry and tolls.  Laundry will cost the equivalent of a phone bill, and tolls are 2 to 3 times as much for an RV

10.  You CANNOT do anything fast.
         No, 6 people cannot get ready for church at the same time... and the shoe-troll always shows up Sat. night to hide shoes

11. You might THINK that because the RV is small, you will never lose anything ever again
       HA HA

12.  PLEASE remember to bring in your grey-water hose BEFORE you drive away.

13.  Disconnect BEFORE driving

14.  4 yr. olds are still fascinated by watching toilets flush.
        At $40 a pump out, this is an expensive "toy"

15.  Routine maintenance means "Daily Maintence"

16.  Get good deordorizer for your tank
        You get what you pay for

17.  All the Etiquette you've taught your kids goes out the window
         Don't stand on the couch!...Then how will I get up to my bed?

18.  Music lessons seemed like a good idea at the time

19. Go south for the winter

20.  There's no place like home!
          Nothing beats always being home, HAVE FUN

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